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Valerie Hail Episode #127

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Valerie Hail has two careers one in fine wine and spirits and the owner of Le Petit Chateau Inn Hyde Park, New York presents a unique advantage for business

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My extensive experience and contacts with restaurants, fine wine stores, Country clubs  and hospitality venues  can lead to new Innovative methods to attract new business for value- added activities outside of the “corporate environment.”

Valerie studies with two preeminent transformation gurus, Bob Proctor, Proctor Gallagher Institute and Mary Morrissey, Brave Masters Thinking. Within a few minutes of listening, you can glean tidbits to transform your lifestyle, what has taken her over ten years to learn.

Valerie continues to practice Kundalini yoga, a dedicated believer in it’s benefits for over twenty-five years. She shares quick fixes via this specific yoga which is the oldest yoga in the world

I can provide  in house training and speaker programs. as the Vice President of Education in Toastmaster.  I feel  a very qualified speaker on many topics.

My skills as a business owner  Le Petit Chateau Inn provides  another level of expertise that can be tapped for:

*Marketing, project management, problem solving

  • Rapport and clientele relationship building at all levels
  • Public Speaking in all facets
  • Employees training
  • Writing Press Releases
  • My focus in each position was to increase the number of on and off premise accounts.  Naturally increasing the bottom line significantly for any company that I held a sales position.

*I am very persistent and amazingly positive.

Bachelor’s Degree English literature and grammar

Long Beach State and a Master’s Degree Library Science University of North Texas

This is a fun quiz that Mary Morrissey created to discover your one Super Power.  Spoiler alert: Mary invites you at the end to enroll, as I am an affiliate I receive a commission.

Valerie Hail is a Podcaster/ Producer, her show is about Wealth, Yoga, Wine podcast

Her video channel is at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyJpPAxqxpTDZMajnGZec6w

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