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Tristaca McCray Episode #32

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Tristaca McCray leads this amazing humanitarian organization giving communities, schools, community partners a healthy start of becoming effective leaders around the world.

Tristaca McCray deployed a bold strategic framework to guide and empower her hometown humanitarian organization. Impacting children, youth, teens and young adults dealing with Bullying, Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, Mental Health and Suicide Prevention  through scale and innovation. 

As a respected and nationally recognized leader in the community and nonprofit sector, Tristaca is now planting seeds of HOPE across the world. Proven leader with extensive experience in strategy, community outreach, development, and operations with a few award winning programs focusing on delivering best-in-class results. 

Tristaca has always been passionate about the importance of building community and leveraging the strengths of other team members to deliver significant and sustainable positive impact.  Tristaca has made her way around the world by partnering up with global leaders. NERDS RULE INC is now officially registered in Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana and Haiti. 

Tristaca is the President and Founder of NERDS RULE INC.,

  • Twitter: @NERDSRULEINC1
  • Instagram: NERDS_RULE_INC 

Hear her on Anchor.fm and find Tristica McCray on the home page as well.

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