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Tanya Kailath Episode #122

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Tanya Kailath, a seasoned Geriatric and Palliative Nurse Practitioner. The founder of Enlightened Aging coaching programs for caregivers to discover their best

Delivered with love, joy and peace of mind, throughout the caregiving experience.

During her 12 year career, Tanya has helped many families and caregivers make sense of complex medical conditions, geriatric syndromes, navigate healthcare settings and find some light through pain, suffering and grief. Tanya values creating collaborative end-of-life experiences with families and caregivers where each emotion is acceptable and each voice has it’s truth.


Tanya received her Bachelor in Nursing from University of Rochester, Masters’ in nursing from Boston College and she has received recognition for training healthcare providers in palliative and hospice care, end of life.

Tanya Kailath, has been invited to speak at local, state and national conferences as well as senior living and retirement communities and loves imparting knowledge and wisdom everywhere she goes.

When Tanya is not working as an NP and being a caregiver coach she creates time for conscious healing to improve her own health as well as the health of others and to have healthier relationships.

Tanya explores self expression through writing original piano melodies and singing her own lyrics and she looks forward to serving more caregivers in the future.

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You can reach her at linkedin.com/in/tanyakailath

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