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Steffi Black Episode #119

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Steffi Black is the Founder of Be Kinder, Be Better a kindness curriculum for workplaces.  We need mental wellness and compassion, more than ever in our lives.

She offers her Intuition in being a Strategist, Coach, Story Warrior

Through one-on-one coaching, interactive talks, soulful storytelling, Steffi reminds us of our innate wisdom, holds sacred space, offers insights on integrating daily rituals and empowers an inner alchemy that makes way for our new, transformational story to emerge.

Steffi Black,  believes that the more inner knowledge and work we do, the better our outer lives and relationships become.  She is Featured Author, Ready, Aim, Thrive – Amazon best seller on Discovering How To Flourish and Prosper from Today from experts, and featured author in ‘My Creative Thoughts.’

She is also founder of ‘Be Kinder, Be Better’ a  kindness curriculum for workplaces, Steffi presents workshops and Keynote Presentations on ‘Why in a new normal, we need mental wellness including compassion in the workplace more than ever.”

Steffi has also involved companies during the international Random Acts of Kindness Week to bring kind actions into the workplace.

Website: www.steffiblackcoaching.com

Her free offer is a free template for a self-care plan, you can get it on her website.

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