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Sejal Thakkar Episode #98

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Sejal Thakkar is a civility trainer who supports companies to become anti-racist. There are many micro-aggressions..there is so much to learn and understand.

Sejal’s Thakkar passion for training led her to create TrainXtra, a proactive training practice where she brings the wealth of her employment law expertise in customized training to executives, managers and non-managers in an interactive, engaging environment.  She has over thirteen years of employment law experience that includes advising clients, human resources personnel, and legal counsel regarding sound, standard employment practices. 

When people of color experience racial microaggressions, it causes harm to their mental and physical health which can lead to many negative consequences in a work environment, learning environment, and to their overall sense of self-worth.[11] Antiracism work combats microaggressions and helps to break systemic racism by focusing on actions against discrimination and oppression.

Social Counter Measures: found in the dictionary

Affirmative action Anti-discrimination law Cultural assimilation Cultural pluralism Diversity training Empowerment Feminism Fighting Discrimination Hate speech laws by country Human rights Intersex rights LGBT rights Masculism Multiculturalism Nonviolence Racial integration Reappropriation Self-determination Social integration

and many more..

This show is an update from the first one we did together in Nov.2020. How she is now pivoted from being on the legation side to now training, to avoid any law suits that could happen to organizations if they don’t follow procedures don’t mitigate situations when they arrive.

Find her on the home page as well. She is mainly on LInkedIn..

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