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Sardek Love Episode #90

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Sardek Love CEO of International, Sardek has worked in 32 countries educating and inspiring leaders and training professionals in Fortune 100 companies.

From working in west Siberia during the most frigid of winter temperatures to being lost in the Libyan desert in the scorching heat of summer to traveling to the incredibly lush and extremely remote jungles of Indonesia to revitalizing a workforce in war torn villages of West Africa, his real-world experiences serve as the foundation of his powerfully captivating stories from which he brings his sessions to life.

As an internationally-sought after Keynote speaker and expert in speaking, training, leadership, and performance consulting. He’s currently serving other speakers by assisting them to using video, be online to speak. The perfect place is being on Podcasts.

Sardek Love, is a co-author along with Anne Bruce, of “Speak for A Living – the 2nd Edition”, published in 2018 by ATD Press. Is the President and Founder of Infinity Consulting and Training Solutions 

International Keynote Speaker, Author, and Creator of Peak Performance Made Simple: The System for Maximizing Team Output, Growing Profits, and Beating the Competition

He would like to give you a gift.. http://bit.ly/techsetuplist

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