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Rosetta Chow Episode #126

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Rosetta Chow is a wife, mother and certified health coach to help you to become happier, healthier and confident. By achieving this with a whole food and lifestyle approach


She truly believes that prevention is always better than intervention and achieving health by loving and respecting your body through a whole food and lifestyle approach.

Rosetta is passionate in helping families and women create a healthy lifestyle culture so children can grow up in a healthy body and women can end yo yo dieting quick fixes and fades.  Her emphasis is on chronic disease prevention and healing such as diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disease, and helping children struggling with ADHD as she has seen here son turn around through a holistic approach.
Rosetta Studied with the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.
Two testimonials:

“I met Rosetta Chow when I was at a stage in my life where my professional success was my only priority and I was neglecting my health.  It was starting to catch up to me and I knew I could not continue like this any longer.  Rosetta has the knowledge and experience needed to identify unhealthy lifestyle habits and help them create a plan to reach their goals.  She is very passionate about providing clients with resources that will help them understand how food affects both the body and the mind.  She helped me realize that I can take charge of my life and live healthier.”

“I was inspired by Rosetta Chow and her knowledge of health and wellness.  Her passion for improving my knowledge of diet and healthy nutrients that is essential to my wellness was impressive.  I am a semi-pro football player and her recommendations in diet have improved my recovery time in between workouts which allows me to work out harder and ultimately make more gains faster without the worry about the buildup of debilitating toxins that can be a threat to long term health.”

In knowing Rosetta, her approach is about helping people to eat better, get the nutrition they need to have  focus and energy.
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