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Rosalyn Kahn Episode #97

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Rosalyn Kahn is a Los Angeles area college professor who teaches English as a Second Language and frequently speaks on her experiences with students.

Rosalyn Khan

Rosalyn Kahn wanted to talk about her new book about, the book is called The Message for Tomorrow’s Leader. As a rule I don’t do podcasts to help someone to promote their books, as a book is just a product to promote the persons services.

Rosalyn Kahn was a person of who I met at the World Kindness USA launch, we do some kinship – about kindness. Kindness makes the world go around.

This was a follow-up from another podcast we did last year..please read more about her there. Rosalyn Kahn #86. Thank you Rosalyn for sharing your new book and what you have learned from your students and the people you interviewed for your book.

She’s also on Anchor.fm Be sure to catch up with her.

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