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Rosalyn Kahn Episode #86

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Rosalyn Kahn a College Professor Public Speaking Instructor at LA City College. An Author, International Motivational Speaker and Host for Red Carpet.

Several years ago, she attended her first TedX conference in Pasadena. She was immediately drawn into the Tedx fever and has given three presentations and coached many others. 

Rosalyn has performed on both sides of the microphone as both professional speaker on TEDX talk, interviewed on over 30 different radio and tv stations, but also a host on the red carpet combing her vast experience as a speaker.

Rosalyn began her activities as a Host on the Red carpet  with American International  Children’s Film Festival in San Diego co-hosting the Gala Activity with teen star Cady Lee last year. Fast forward to this year, she hosted the red carpet at Galina Capanni’s Birthday and Father’s Day Show.

The success lead to her performance at Noelle’s Fashion 30TH Anniversary, (Nicole just happened to be one of Ms. Kahn’s former students..) It was there she was dressed in a beautiful gown filled with roses she was immediately asked to begin modeling in addition to her hosting.

Rosalyn was also to host on the red carpet for the 1st US and Italian Beauty Pageant/Etiquette Academy with Mrs. Perfect Lady and Ms. Perfect Lady Multicultural. Today, she is excited to be her at this event honoring Javier Cazares Birthday and Fashion by Camille Wood.

Rosalyn as author published her first book Random Acts of Kindness are Changing the World by Solutions Press released on Amazon. The books is getting people to do simply things as opening door, paying parking meters, and much more and the benefits thereafter

 Her second Roses and Dogs –How to Reduce Stress in Today’s Troubled Times was released on Kindle 6-15-17. This book focused on the fast pace life we all live and finding a way to appreciate the simply things. It’s an inspirational book of photos and short stories help’s our local veterans.

Recently she has began on online business helping people to protect their self from cybersecurity with a service called IDSeal.com.  Rosalyn Kahn can be reached at her webpage RosalynKahn.com.

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Rosalyn’s newest  book, Dogs and Roses https://www.amazon.com/Dogs-Roses-Reducing-Anxiety-Troubled-ebook/dp/B0721ZTPSK

You can also find her on the home page

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