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Ron Hori Episode #123

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Ron Hori’s  business mission is to educate people about Living Benefits – life insurance you don’t have to die to use. It’s about creating your family legacy.

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Living Benefits can pay huge medical bills that might otherwise cause bankruptcy or home foreclosure. and it provides a tax free retirement.
As a Japanese American, I  grew up in East Los Angeles, a lower middle class neighborhood.  My life took several twists and turns after high school. US Air Force military service , Information Technology software in Silicon Valley, Sales trainer and Sales coach.
My mentors are live and personal, authors, and speakers of all kinds. I believe what Charlie Tremendous Jones says: In 5 years I will be the same person I am today except for two things. The people I meet and the books I read.
I offer a free consultation to learn your needs, and offer suggestions. There is no obligation for this consultation. I’m here to help you.
Find Ron on LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/ronhori
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