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Robert Mattson Episode #27

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Robert Mattson, is about creating your story, he has spent over 30 years on stages, a playwright, award winning actor, and as a business leader.


Robert Mattson has been a Marketing Vice President, playwright, director and award winning actor drove him to create the ITM Approach that pushes business people to embrace their inner performer.

Using techniques derived by performing in theaters and presenting in videos, webcasts, podcasts and in full rooms at industry conferences and tradeshows the ITM Approach is appropriate for the improvement of live or virtual interactions. 

f your sales people talk features and functions and sell on price we need to talk. Intrigue, persuade and be memorable. Whether you’re an executive pitching your company vision or a Sales pro selling a product or service, you need to capture the attention of your audience, persuade them that you can help, and make sure you’re remembered. Goal-driven story telling elevates your story and enables your message to go viral within an organization. You need to sell to the people that are in the room, but also those that aren’t, and creating and telling messages that can be easily passed on is the way to accomplish that goal.

There is a science and an art to building and telling a story that will help you achieve your sales goals, and that makes you the person that is compelling and memorable.

Giving out 3 – 30-minute coaching sessions. Sign up using this link. https://www.itmspeakers.com/contact.html Tell him Mari-Lyn of Heart@Work sent you.

You can also find Robert Mattson on the home page.

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