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Ramesh Dewangan Episode #135

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Ramesh Dewangan the Founder and CEO of Quantum Vision Consulting, helping experienced professionals become successful, confident leaders! Leading global teams

Ramesh Dewangan has spent over three decades in the high-tech industry-leading global teams  in software development, product management, and marketing. He has launched  several new high-tech products, has worked with customers, vendors, and partners  to increase the product footprint.  He is an MBA from Haas School of Business, Berkeley.
As a certified coach, speaker, and trainer with the John Maxwell Team, he provides leadership and personal development services, accelerating personal and professional growth for the experienced professionals. He has facilitated several webinars and mastermind sessions on personal and leadership development. Ramesh is a Distinguished Toastmasters from Toastmasters International, the highest achievement in their public speaking program.
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“The ability to study the topics at my own time, gave me the opportunity to get started and move in the direction of attaining my goal of personal growth. Ramesh was very patient and practical in imparting valuable lessons. With new tools and tips available to me, I am highly motivated to step up to the challenge to grow myself.”  Manas D.Sr. R&D Engineer, Synopsys Inc., Mountain view, California
“I was looking for ways to improve my leadership. One area in particular I have been looking to improve is how to influence the team and people in general. Ramesh’s leadership and Influence webinars provided me with an effective set of tips and techniques to apply both at work and in my personal life. Ramesh’s use of his personal experiences helped reinforced this learning. I can now take some concrete steps in my growth. I look forward to future training and coaching session from Ramesh.” Craig Hills  Engineering and Business Process Manager, Veoneer, Japan
Thank you Ramesh for benign the Impactful Legacy show, I know the you make a difference to many. Check out our other guests

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