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Peter Wolff Episode #95

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Peter Wolff is a coach, storyteller, and strategy consultant on the topics of conscious leadership, team collaboration and organizational design. 

Peter Wolff

With engineering and strategic consulting experience, he fuses insight, diagnostic skills and practical tools to design and build teams and organizations in which people flourish. Wolff helps individuals master mindset and authentic communication, and teams to establish feedback and psychological safety. 

We got into some great topics that really need to be talked about more..

He’s also the creator of such initiatives as vocalize.us, a group storytelling process, and the Art of Thriving. 

A native of San Francisco, CA, Peter Wolff spent 15 years in both government and corporate settings applying leading edge IT and software solutions to transportation problems. 

In between my work managing product innovation for Daimler and beginning my graduate degree in Integrative Health Studies, I spent time in Egypt, Morocco, Brazil and India, exploring how sacred music is used for healing and connection. 

He also has lived in Varanasi for nearly a year studying yoga and Indian Classical Music. A long-time student of consciousness, these core themes continue in my organizational consulting and coaching work.

WHY create your group story? and WHEN?

Build trust and empathy. I began offering VOCALIZE at gatherings and workshops at the beginning of 2019, and now it is an important part of engaging people in online meetings as well. To truly connect people need to be seen, heard, included and appreciated. Especially for our workplace that don’t work so well. It’s called Vocalize.us,

Connect with Peter on LinkedIn, he’s offering a coaching session to the three people that listen to the podcast. Here’s a link to a recent podcast in which I was interviewed, nunormal.club/podcast/episode/225b9f21/4-peter-wolff-the-art-of-thriving.

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