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Pam Teagarden Episode #112

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Pam Teagarden helps people understand their unique business instincts, so they can recognize the precise value they bring to their daily performance of diversity.

This simple result gives people the ability to cut through some amazingly complex issues in the workplace.  People are more actively engaged in their work when they can work closer to their natural strength sets.  People feel a greater sense of belonging when they know how valuable their contribution is to the performance their team achieves.  People feel more a part of the culture at work, if they believe they’re valued for what they do.


To feel valued.  To feel you belong.  To be yourself.  People simply want to be considered – fairly and equitably.  But the metrics of business have done us no favors.

I am a former banker, who did her graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania in Applied Positive Psychology.  So, I am luckier than most… to work at the intersection of business and behaviors.  

My research on ‘Inclusive Diversity’ validated new measures of mindset diversity – to recognize and effectively inspire cultural norms built from individuals’ unique go-to-tendencies in the context of daily performance.

This simple model I can create for my clients – aligns individuals’ diverse capabilities with specific business competencies, organizing teams around effective inclusion in performance.  My methodology levels the playing field for everyone by reducing bias and promoting transparency in operational decisions.

The Inclusive Diversity model underpins 6 Pillars of Organizational Justice, which are foundational for enabling Leadership Beyond Bias.  I’m proud to say this theory helps people achieve better performance results AND provides a deeper, more sustainable sense of belonging for them on their teams at work – with the ability to take that learning outside the workplace to use in dismantling other systemic injustices.

Audiences continue to request my most popular keynote address on how 6 Pillars of Organizational Justice can promote resilience, inclusion, fairness and equity in ways that may also serve the broader scope of Social Justice.

I’ve lived and worked in Russia, China, England and the US – and my clients include: Microsoft, PWC, Yum Restaurants Int’l, Royal Bank of Scotland, Morgan Stanley, Deloitte, Unilever, Federal Occupational Health Agency, Kaiser Permanente, among others. I also work across small-to-medium companies, equity funders, entrepreneurs and individuals.

I work with UN partners to meet the Global Sustainability Development Goals for Gender Equity.  My TEDx talk at the Great Wall of China was on the subject of the wall between our hearts and minds in the workplace. 

I’ve been featured in Forbes related to my work and as a guest on a number of podcasts, most recently on Underdog:  From Siberia to Inclusive Diversity; as well as on Leading People First: Moving Beyond Bias in Organizations.  I was invited to join the Wall Street Journal Task Force on Women in the Economy, as well as faculty to the Thought Leadership Institute for Fortune 100 Talent Acquisition.

I’m an author, a speaker, a consultant, a coach and an intentional ally. 

My free gift to you is an article I published on Organizational Justice.  

I want this for you… and for your team.

The link to the article is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1J4f5WtbPn9CM5gFOhPzrvIjKFoFqiGpE/view?usp=sharing

If there is anything I can do to serve you or your business, please jump on my calendar:  www.calendly.com/pamelateagarden

Pamela Teagarden, MAPP





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