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Maude Bomardier
Maude Bombardier

A driven optimist on a mission to sparkle joy everywhere she goes, Maude Bombardier is the founder of The Laughing Hour. Launched in 2018, her company offers a unique team-bonding experience increasing productivity, effective communication, and stress management through… laughter! 

Maude Bombardier

Maude’s passion for promoting well-being goes beyond The Laughing Hour. This entrepreneur and soon-to-be first-time author graduated with a degree in Psychology at Bishop’s University after studying for two years in Early Childhood and Elementary Education at Concordia University. She had a French happiness radio show that aired weekly in Edmonton, AB Canada where she talked about various scientific studies suggesting how to flourish happiness in your own life.​

A strong believer in giving back, Maude sits on the board of directors of a French sports federation in Alberta, and volunteers at Pilgrims Hospice, an end-of-life facility that brings compassionate care to their patients and their caregivers. 

She does not pretend she’s a happiness expert, but rather an eternal student that loves sharing and learning on the subject of laughter, well-being, and a balanced life.

PS. Maude is pronounced like “Beast Mode” or “Happy Mode”.