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Manpreet Bawa Episode #120

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Manpreet Bawa is a Mind Architect at Intentional Inc., and helps people recognize the power of intentional mindset and conscious choices.


He is also a father to two beautiful children, married to an amazing wife, and a son to great parents.

He was born and raised in India and has worked in the IT Services industry for over 20 years. As part of his job, he has built and led teams to help retail teams across the world build better solutions. Although he has had a successful career on his own terms, at the other end of 20 years he didn’t feel fulfilled.
For the longest, he labeled and identified himself by his work and what he did for a living. As for any employees, his employer decided:
How much to pay?
What time and how long to work?
What to work on?
What time to eat and get breaks?
When to take holidays?
When to spend time?

It all changed when he realized that he has a choice: a choice to change, a choice to create new experiences in life, a choice to pivot careers, a choice to have a conscious life. And that gave birth to “Intentional Mindset.”

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Book a free 1-hour consultation call with Manpreet (retail value $499).  Mention Mari-Lyn’s podcast on the booking page as part of the answer to “How do we know each other?”

Manpreet Bawa can be reached via this Link: https://calendly.com/manpreet-bawa/connectwithmanpreet

Social Links:
LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/manpreet-bawa/

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