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Lynnea Hagen Episode #139

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Lynnea Hagen MS.  The Abundance Co. Specializes in productivity, profits and people for Leaders. Embark with holistic, strategic, practical and inspirational ideas.


Lynnea Hagen is a best-selling author, international speaker, business and leadership coach, consultant, and radio host.  In 25+ years of coaching and consulting, she has helped build productivity, profits and people for hundreds of entrepreneurs, leaders, and teams.  Her approach is holistic, strategic, practical, and encouraging.

Lynnea’s professional experience includes Disney, Quaker State Oil, AT&T, Pacific Bell, and director of 2 executive search firms.  Past clients include Hewlett Packard, University of California, Intel, Cisco, Xerox, Comcast, San Mateo County, The Wall Street Journal, AND dozens of small businesses in numerous industries.

Lynnea is founder of three  companies, including The Abundance Company.  She is creator of the powerful, ingenious “Biosystem of Success”—a holistic model for achieving one’s vision of personal and business prosperity.  She is co-author of three  books, plus author of her own book, Lynnea Hagen on Stuckness–120 Ways to Get Unstuck, Get Going, and Get What You Want.  She is a professional editor as well as writer, via her company, Say What You Will. 

Lynnea hosted her own live-talk radio show, “Abundance Leadership,” which broke listener records.  She shared her life’s journey in the World premiere of the play, “Opening Pandora’s Box—Stories of Truth and Hope.”  She is a frequent radio and TV guest, event speaker, and has led workshops for international audiences. She is passionate about helping people live inspired lives, on and off the job, while making more money and having more fun!

Lynnea Hagens approach with clients is to grow leadership and productivity of the people within the company, while growing the company!  She works to grow Productivity, Profits and People, with focus on the latter.

She has degrees in Psychology and Sociology, a post-graduate certificate in Information Systems Management and a master’s degree in Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco.  She is certified in seven areas of coaching, including Higher Ground Leadership from the prestigious Secretan Institute for international leadership consulting and coaching.  

Lynnea’s mission for The Abundance Company is to “Build organizations and communities that inspire the soul”.   Her Golden Purpose is to honor the sacredness of people and the Earth–to create a loving and sustainable planet.

My free gift is a “three-fer,”” a Consult with me ( a $350 value), my “Stuckness” e-book, PLUS free admission to  “The Secrets Behind the Secret…clearing a path for your dreams to come true,  the first class of my new “BioSystem of Outrageous Success” series.

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