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Leading from Being Episode #4

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Leading from being is when you are ready to make a shift, not only reveal the path to change, but you realize precise ways of doing things differently .

How to create an impactful legacy
Lead from being Marti Spiegelman

Marti Spiegelman, Co-founder of Leading from Being

Mentor/teacher in ‘precision consciousness’ The unique quality of Marti’s work is the result of her more than 40 years of business experience woven with her knowledge of science, cutting edge work in graphic communications, and expertise in the workings of individual and collective consciousness. Learn more at Awakening Value and Marti’s in-depth training website. https://www.martispiegelman.org

Todd Hoskins, Co-founder of Leading from Being Coach and advisor in the multi-dimensional dynamics of life and work. Todd has been a consultant and transformational facilitator for leaders and more than 20 organizations large and small at Canopy Gap.

Leading from Being training program and podcast https://www.leadingfrombeing.com

Thank you Marti & Todd, who are on the home page under Leading from Being

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