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Kimberly Layne Episode #110

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Kimberly Layne is passionate about helping leaders at all levels build trusted connecting relationships that bring better business results.  

Research continues to show that people do business with people they connect with and trust. 

Now more than ever in our remote and digital working environment, our capacity as leaders to care, relate to, motivate, and to retain top talent is more important than ever.  Leaders are no longer the heroes, they make their teams and employees the heroes by showing up, being fully present, and being able to have real, engaging conversations. 

Through partnership consulting and coaching at her company: (KCC) The Kimberly Connection Company, Kimberly partners with leaders and companies to transform the work environment into a thriving community based environment. 

Leaders learn how to become conscious leaders by embracing their own emotional awareness, improving their interpersonal skills and communication, and by understanding and changing their old patterns and thoughts. 

We are humans first and leaders second. 

Your employees are humans first and employees second. By helping leaders build relationships that contain empathy, care, and connection organizations see an improvement of their bottom line in employee productivity, motivation, and retention and in turn  customer loyalty and retention.  

Kimberly has over 20 years of experience as a Top Sales Executive and Leader with Fortune 100 Companies, such as GE, Genpact, Optum, and Boston Scientific.  Taking her leadership experience and combining it with her Leadership and Life Coaching certification and experience, she is able to understand, relate to and then transform leaders at all levels to become a leader at a new conscious level.  

She knows first-hand the power and skills of a good or poor leader in a company’s success.  The last decade of her leadership has been leading remote teams.

MBA:  John Carroll University,  Pursued a PhD in Psychology at Pepperdine University, BBA: Kent State Honors University

Green Belt Lean Six Sigma Certified, Life and Executive Coach, Professional Speaker, Author  & Cambridge Who’s Who of Executives, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs

For fun Kimberly enjoys her fur friend, Sammy the Happy Shih Tzu, playing tennis, wine tasting, and baking and sharing her retro liquor flavored cheesecakes and other indulgent desserts.

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