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Jonathan McDonald Episode #130

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Jonathan McDonald Episode #130  first learned about NLP whilst working for Yellow Pages and then unconsciously used it to be dynamic as he moved between 7 roles within the company 

Following a brain injury, he had the opportunity to volunteer in a primary school and quickly realised that ‘education’ is riddled with Limiting Beliefs held by adults, which seriously impacted, in a negative way children’s ‘ability’. 

It soon became very obvious that he, as in every situation up to that point, enabled children to produce results 400-500% better work in comparison to class teachers and this was instantaneously in the moment.

 He decided to reject the entire concept of ‘ability’ and set about equipping children with NLP skills that he thought was responsible for the results he could liberate. Over 7 years he conducted more than 3000 experiments whilst volunteering his own designed coaching sessions to ‘keep the lights on’ in children.

Jonathan McDonald is the Marketing & Sales Manager – Some Talented People

Phone +442034048284








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