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Joey Kilrain Episode #131

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Joey Kilrain passions for design are counterbalanced by education, fine art, exercise, and even auto mechanics. These trades have strengthened my view of design

These trades have strengthened my skillsets, expanded my view of design, and proves that every industry has similar, if not identical, protocols and processes

DED, a digital experience design company creates unified experiences across enterprise apps. We’re end-to-end, leading projects from ideation through research and execution.In addition, Joey Kilrain has over a decade of experience as a leading professor, he leverages his noted skills to lead and educates his students and colleagues.

Joey leads projects from ideation with research through execution. His research informs visual decisions and his processes and protocols prove ROIs. With 15 plus years experience he has been creating enterprise design experiences for other people.

I’ve balanced my career by being technically strong and visually sound. Being hands-on, I’m aware of the tools, methodologies, and platforms that drive expectations. As a mentor, I love sharing my experience & knowledge. Thus keeping a constant state of dialogue.

I’m humble and open to feedback, keeping me in a perpetual state of learning.

My skills that pay the bills:

  • – Visual Design
  • – Research Experience
  • – Team Building
  • – Responsive Advocate
  • – Trouble Shooter

Life is made magical by those I keep company with, including my two little people, Quinn (9 y/o), Rylan (5 y/o), and the “Boss” Lisa.

The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways” – Robert Greene.

Joey is one of those rare people you encounter in life that will make you believe anything is possible. Joey’s “can-do”, roll up your sleeves and get it done attitude are the kind of nimble, creative attitude that is a game changer for business.
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