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Joanne Weiland Episode #57

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Joanne Weiland, Chief Connections Officer – Founder of the Collaboration Cloud Community.  Joanne is a Growth Hacker, meaning we measure your marketing results.

Joanne connects executives, entrepreneurs, event professionals and the media worldwide. She encourages others to experience, elevate and express – “Be all you are designed to be!” She is known as the Collaboration Expert.

LinktoEXPERT is an interconnected network of expert consultants, speakers, coaches, trainers, event professionals and executives from around the world. Our advanced search engine, comprehensive profiles and video previews of expert consultants, coaches, speakers, trainers and event professionals will allow executives to find the best possible experts for their needs quickly and effortlessly. Executives can also network and brainstorm with other executives who have already overcome or face similar challenges.

Through its state of the art “Automatic e-mail campaign system,” comprehensive web profiles and direct contact information, LinktoEXPERT ensures an exponential business growth for Consultants, Coaches, Speakers, Trainers and Event Professionals by saving their time, money and energy and by allowing them to focus on their expertise. LinktoEXPERT has uniquely positioned itself to link Consultants, Coaches, Speakers, and Trainers directly to Event Professionals and Executives.

Another great resource for getting the experts you need for your organization. The experts need at least 10,000 hours before they are considered to be on the platform and be promoted by Joanne and her team.

Website: www.LinktoEXPERT.com

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