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Joan Michelson Episode #100

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Joan Michelson the host of the acclaimed podcast Green Connections Radio where she interviews women innovators in climate, energy, sustainability and diversity.

Joan Michelson

As a podcast host, career coach, journalist and entrepreneur whose 25+ years of experience includes corporate marketing communications in Fortune 100 companies and major media, including Chrysler, Deloitte and American Express. 

And she writes about her clients and careers in Forbes.

Joan is a frequent and popular speaker at conferences and events, and her work has appeared in many other media outlets, including HuffPost, The Atlantic and CBS News, “60 Minutes.”  She earned her BA from UCLA, an MBA from Baruch College, City University of New York and post-graduate training at the Harvard Business School.

You can tell that Joan loves communications a her chosen field as her face lights up. Joan is offering a complimentary consulting session for my readers of her podcast. When you reach out to her via Twitter, follow her and tell her that you would like a 30 minute session, based on the Impactful Legacy Podcast.

Twitter https://twitter.com/joanmichelson @joanmichelson

Podcast: Greenconnectionsradio.com

You can also find Joan on the homepage

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