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Jenny Landgren Episode #103

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Jenny Landgren is a published Leadership Author, and a Behavioral Science Expert for leaders. Works with leaders how to connect with their teams at a deeper level.

Jenny coaches and counsels CEOs, managers, and employees making sure everyone understands their power of influence in any situation. Also mapping out working environments, analyzing conflicts and experiences that cause stress, shining light on the various opportunities in creating a healthy work culture.

As a former National Director for CBSI Sweden, Section Director within the Swedish healthcare, Counsellor and Teacher within the fields of leadership, communication and behavioral science in higher as well as vocational education, there have been plenty of opportunities for Jenny to explore and grow as a leader and as a human being.

Jenny Landgren, believes that life and leadership is not about perfection, it is a journey of self-discovery. She admires leaders who are willing to evaluate without bias and change their mind in an instant. She says “Clearly our attempts to find our sense of security in external control will lead to codependency, rigid systems, stress, and organizational fatigue. We get to ask ourselves if we are simply replicating what we learned in previous systems or are we in fact growing as leaders and creating a high-trust culture.”

Jenny knows when we don’t choose ourselves first, we can’t give as much to others, and love doesn’t always look all that lovable. Sometimes loving people means letting them go. Jenny connects with others at a deep level and teaches tools for better communication.

Love doesn’t always look all that
lovable. It’s about what’s best for you and even what’s best for the other person. Sometimes loving people means letting them go

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Choosing Unity” on Amazon

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