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Jason Holzer Episode #88

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Jason Holzer grew up in Taos, Missouri, Jason was raised in a small town with a loving family that gave him every chance to succeed.

His parents were supportive and provided everything this 17-year-old could ever want.

That is until his life changed forever on May 8, 2003, when his dad unexpectedly passed away by suicide leaving him, his mother and two younger sisters behind.

Through hard work, dedication, and a strong faith in God, He is now a certified teacher and Thought coach, accomplished basketball coach and Elite Skills trainer, Amazon Best Selling author, Post-Traumatic growth storyteller and the Co-Founder of 4D Athletes.

Through hard work, dedication, and a strong faith in God, I am now a certified teacher, accomplished basketball coach, inspiring author and transformational speaker. However, more importantly, I am God’s highest form of creation, and I want everything I do to be a pure expression of His greatness within me.

My dedication to positively impacting the lives of those around me inspired the hashtag #ACT2IMPACT which serves as a reminder that we all can make a difference. I am a Missouri State alum, who is dedicated to being a loving husband and father.

I strive to help others overcome the lasting effects of losing a loved one to suicide. I am currently on the board for the USSI (United Suicide Survivors International) alongside world-renowned ​entrepreneur and innovator in social change and suicide prevention,​ ​Dr. Sally Spencer Thomas.

Along with others around the world, I am raising awareness that suicide doesn’t stop life from getting worse, it eliminates it from ever getting better​.

#ACT2impACT and Give life a chance to get better

Twitter @coach_Holzer

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