Jamie Vasilyan Episode #91

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Jamie Vasilyan is a Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist who specialises in ADHD Hypnotherapy. He refers to himself as “The Hypnosis for ADHD Specialist.” 

After he recovered from depression and ADHD in 2011, he began working with children and adults with ADHD and autism. He also retrained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in the same year, and following that began helping people with anxiety, depression, trauma, and sometimes ADHD, get their lives back on track. 

Years later, he decided it made sense to specialise in ADHD Hypnosis, and today that’s his mission. To help children and adults with ADHD everywhere, realise that they were never born to fit in, but to stand out, be true to themselves, and find their own way in the world.

To quote Dr Seuss: “Why were you trying to fit in, when you were born to stand out.”  Subscribe to the ADHD Mailing List & Receive a Free Copy of “Quickly Relax” Hypnosis MP3 as well as the latest updates on everything ADHD, including helpful videos, blogs, and free hypnosis sessions. https://addvantagehypnotherapy.activehosted.com/f/3

 O: 07517042679
w: www.addvantagehypnotherapy.co.uk

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You can also find Jamie on the home page.

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