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James Perryman Episode #99

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James Perryman helps busy professionals become more self-aware, emotionally intelligent to improve their communication style.

James Perryman

James Perryman helps busy professionals become more self-aware, emotionally intelligent and to improve their communication style.

The landscape in which we communicate is constantly changing, even more so during 2020, putting more emphasis on being able to communicate effectively over different channels such as email, phone or video conferencing – those where we can’t use body language as much as if we were face to face with someone.

In setting up his own business Momentus, James’ vision was to work with individuals and organisations to help them understand themselves better and in doing so, deliver stronger performance individually and collectively.

Momentus is founded on the belief that taking conscious time to work on ourselves – what drives us, motivates us, the environment in which we thrive, how we work with others and what might derail us – results in significantly better outcomes for individuals, teams and long term growth for business.

During his corporate career, James became ‘lost’ in it all and reached burnout. From feeling like he was ‘riding the wave’ one day, to being covered head to toe in psoriasis the next day. This meant a lot of lifestyle changes, behaviour changes and a renewed sense of personal priorities and values.

It also meant finding the humility and courage to be able to share his story without the fear of being judged or ridiculed.

James Perryman takes his skills, knowledge, life experiences and professional accreditations into everything he does with his clients, helping them take stock of their own personal and professional circumstances in order to excel in life.

There are so many plates in life that we try to spin, it’s quicker to accept that they can’t all be actively spun at once, but that we can make a choice of which ones to spin at any given time, knowing that other plates won’t drop but will just spin a bit more slowly for a short period of time. 

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