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Jonathan Darling Episode #142

Jonathan Darling

Jonathan Darling Episode #142   My guest today Jonathan Darling is an author, coach and public speaker.

From leading teams, developing new market channels and setting strategies for global organizations, Jonathan has developed a diverse skillset and background over the last 14 years that now allows him to work as a speaker/coach with organizations, universities and individuals on the power of Love-Centered Leadership.

Teaching how to empower individuals to lead, not from position or title, but from their heart by truly caring for those around them. Jonathan does this by helping leaders and professionals focus on the Micro-Moments that can have a Massive Impact in the lives of others.

Jonathan Darling Episode #142, spends his time on LinkedIn, reach out to him +1 (865) 414-0619

Dr George and Vanessa Naum Episode #141

Dr.George and Vanessa Naum

Dr George and Vanessa Naum are marriage coaches for Physicians and have been so for nearly 28 years. We have a company called Best Friends Again, LLC.

Our specialty is in physician marriages and the difficulties that are unique to their relationships. I have a unique perspective on these relationships as I was raised in a physician marriage, my paternal grandparents were in a physician marriage and lastly my wife and I have been in a physician marriage for nearly 30 years.

Dr. George is  family practitioner of 32 years though not practicing and Vanessa is a trained sex and relationship coach as well.

Our coaching program was written for physicians but can be adapted to any relationship.

We do have a giveaway which is a chapter in my book “What’s Forever For?” A Physician’s Guide For Everlasting Love and Success in Marriage.

Our marriage has survived and survived a mountain of obstacles that has often dissolved even the strongest of marriage bonds. We have dedicated our work to show that those involved in physician marriages can have the connection that they truly want and deserve!

Dr. George and Vanessa Naum’s program has been developed from our marriage as well as our 25+ years of marriage coaching.

What’s forever for  our book.

Traditions are something that are carried on from generation to generation. Consider them heirlooms of family and society. They are a statement of what we consider valuable in our marriage, what we value in our past and what we presently value.
For example, at this time of year, you can see Christmas lights, garland, trees and people shopping. These are not only traditions in our own families but they are also societal traditions.
They show that we enjoy the spirit of giving, not only to each others. Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me.

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L. Scott Ferguson Episode #140

L Scott Ferguson

L. Scott Ferguson Episode #140, his mission is to NOT have ANYONE feel like they have NO-ONE.  He’s there to listen to you and be of service.

Scott’s story was highly sought after by people in the entertainment business, which he was not ready to share until now.

At Time To Shine Today Scott shares Knowledge Nuggets to help individuals and teams to Level UP both in business and personal. Scott is a Veteran of the United States Navy with multiple deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia etc in the early to mid 1990’s.

An active podcaster and real estate junky/investor – Scott loves to give, live intentional, loves the beach, Jiu Jitsu, fitness, yoga and volunteering.

It’s been a pleasure to have met and look forward in hearing more from what Scott is up to into 2022!

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Lynnea Hagen Episode #139

Lynnea Hagen

Lynnea Hagen MS.  The Abundance Co. Specializes in productivity, profits and people for Leaders. Embark with holistic, strategic, practical and inspirational ideas.


Lynnea Hagen is a best-selling author, international speaker, business and leadership coach, consultant, and radio host.  In 25+ years of coaching and consulting, she has helped build productivity, profits and people for hundreds of entrepreneurs, leaders, and teams.  Her approach is holistic, strategic, practical, and encouraging.

Lynnea’s professional experience includes Disney, Quaker State Oil, AT&T, Pacific Bell, and director of 2 executive search firms.  Past clients include Hewlett Packard, University of California, Intel, Cisco, Xerox, Comcast, San Mateo County, The Wall Street Journal, AND dozens of small businesses in numerous industries.

Lynnea is founder of three  companies, including The Abundance Company.  She is creator of the powerful, ingenious “Biosystem of Success”—a holistic model for achieving one’s vision of personal and business prosperity.  She is co-author of three  books, plus author of her own book, Lynnea Hagen on Stuckness–120 Ways to Get Unstuck, Get Going, and Get What You Want.  She is a professional editor as well as writer, via her company, Say What You Will. 

Lynnea hosted her own live-talk radio show, “Abundance Leadership,” which broke listener records.  She shared her life’s journey in the World premiere of the play, “Opening Pandora’s Box—Stories of Truth and Hope.”  She is a frequent radio and TV guest, event speaker, and has led workshops for international audiences. She is passionate about helping people live inspired lives, on and off the job, while making more money and having more fun!

Lynnea Hagens approach with clients is to grow leadership and productivity of the people within the company, while growing the company!  She works to grow Productivity, Profits and People, with focus on the latter.

She has degrees in Psychology and Sociology, a post-graduate certificate in Information Systems Management and a master’s degree in Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco.  She is certified in seven areas of coaching, including Higher Ground Leadership from the prestigious Secretan Institute for international leadership consulting and coaching.  

Lynnea’s mission for The Abundance Company is to “Build organizations and communities that inspire the soul”.   Her Golden Purpose is to honor the sacredness of people and the Earth–to create a loving and sustainable planet.

My free gift is a “three-fer,”” a Consult with me ( a $350 value), my “Stuckness” e-book, PLUS free admission to  “The Secrets Behind the Secret…clearing a path for your dreams to come true,  the first class of my new “BioSystem of Outrageous Success” series.

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Barbara Anne Gardenhire-Mills Episode #138

Barbara Anne Gardenhire-Mills

Barbara Anne Gardenhire-Mills is the CEO of Purpose-Filled Solutions & EvolutionsTM LLC, provides coaching to SMB owners who are driven with purpose and passion

Barbara Anne is a seasoned community & economic development and training & coaching professional with well over two decades of experience in government, non-profit and corporate arenas. Her passion and core-purpose is helping others connect with their core purpose and goals personally and professionally as a “resources navigator” and “servant leader.”

She is the owner of Purpose-Filled Solutions and Evolutions LLC, and she also currently serves as Director of Compliance & Engagement for Cooperative Business Assistance Corporation (CBAC) in Camden, NJ.

Before CBAC, Barbara Anne served as Management Analyst/Community Liaison for the White House Promise Zone Initiative in Camden, NJ, for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and as NJ Supervisor of Lender Relations & Economic Development/Women’s Business Ownership Representative for the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

Barbara Anne Gardenhire-Mills has also held positions at varied levels of leadership with the SBA and in the non-profit, for-profit, and municipal government arenas. 

Barbara Anne earned an M.S. in Executive Leadership from Champlain College, a B.A. in Political Science/Honors from Rowan University, an A.A. in Liberal Arts from Rowan College of South Jersey, and several professional and adult continuing education certificates, including Certified Professional Coach.

A member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Association of Talent Development (ATD), and multiple other professional and civic organizations. The National Association of Women’s Business Owners (NAWBO) – South Jersey Chapter honored Barbara Anne with their 2016 Women’s Advocate of the Year award.

Additionally, she is a Black-Belt and member of the Okinawa Goju-Ryu Kenshi-Kai Karate-Jutsu Kobu-Jutsu Association, and trains in multiple styles of martial arts. She resides in Mount Laurel with Joseph (husband), Colin (son), two furry babies – Foxy Princess & Remi Bruno, and other pets.

FREE GIFT: 30 min coaching session – must use “HeartatWork” to claim it on her website.

Personal LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/bgardenhiremills/ 

Website:  https://www.purposefilledsolutionsandevolutions.com/ 

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/purpose-filled-solutions-evolutions-llc/ 

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/PurposeFilledSolutionsandEvolutions

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/PFSandELLC 

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