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Hass Sadeghi Episode #63

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Hass Sadeghi shows how the Power of Gratitude can bring healing to you, by teaching you a powerful technique to attune one’s BioField into harmony and healing

My intention is to invite participants to use this impactful technique to raise their vibration & that of their communities

Hass guides leaders, visionaries and teams thru transformations, showing them how to reconnect with their full Power & create from a clarified Vision

He utilizes his extensive business, law, dispute resolution, organizational & technical-science skillset and infuses it with his relational, creative, qualitative, healing & extrasensory strengths, functioning as a Transformative Healer (QuantumGuide) & Team Facilitator (RelationalAlchemist)

At his Core, he transforms & clarifies the energetic & relational roots of personal, team dynamic, and business-system problems

Hass brings clarity & alignment to systems & relationships, encourages making the unseen seen, hones the power of communication, and empowers transformative growth.

1:1 Custom Guided Visualization — email Hass directly at Hass@RelationalAlchemist.com, mention in subject line Heart@Work to schedule your visualization.

You can also find Hass on the home page and at his website Relationalalchemist.com

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