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Donna Sparaco Meador Episode #136

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Donna Sparaco Meador, Certified Women’s Empowerment Coach, specializing in women dating “again,” Obsessed with LegalShield Advocate, Speaker and Best Selling Author. 

After being out of the job market for 10 years she ended up in the Corporate World of construction and brought in over $7M in bids for her firm. Then, in 2008, along with her new husband, she founded a commercial furniture installation company.
True, it wasn’t the best time to start a business, but they knuckled down and successfully generated a multi 6-figure business that stretched from the West to the East Coast until he passed away in 2016.
After the loss of Donna’s Husband, she reinvented herself and her message of healing and self-care via her vlog: “Daily Dose A Donna” took the media by storm. Her unique message of being intentional and readjusting to life after loss, offers strategic, yet simple and effective tools providing inspiration, clarity and purpose for those looking to flourish.
Donna is a dynamic and energetic leader who turned her Girl Scout philosophy into her mission to step up, step out, and assist others both business and personally, to do the same. Her encounters in the dating world paralleled her experiences of interviewing for a job.
She realized that in business and in personal endeavors, the best way to get ahead was to stay real, interested, and to stay out of the outcome. 
Bottom line: you can’t fake giving.
Today, Donna Sparaco Meador is remarried and discovered once again how life has a way of propelling you forward if you allow it. She has discovered that mainly women yearn for her crystal clear advice on how to look for love in all the right places. Sometimes it’s just a small tweak to help someone look at the world differently.
When they tell her that there are no good men out there, she reminds them, they only need one. Her own love-story is proof of that as she walked down the aisle at fifty years old and again at sixty. 
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If you enjoyed our conversation, get her kindle version of her book about dating and don’t forget to to listen to the other guest interviews.

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