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Don Mulford Episode #124

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Don Mulford is a Stanford graduate, California attorney, ordained minister, cancer survivor, hospice chaplain, and published author.


He speaks about finding meaning during his journey into cancer and hospice work. He now serves as the chaplain/spiritual counselor at With Grace Hospice in San Jose. He wrote his memoir about how his cure from cancer surprised his oncologists at Stanford Cancer Clinic in Matchbooks in the Tunnel: How God and Others Solved My Impossible Problem. His warm, lighthearted, and authentic style draws listeners without agenda into a comfortable consideration of questions which we often are afraid to ask.

With Grace Hospice and Palliative Care is a locally based agency in Santa Clara County providing excellent in-home medical care to advance illness patients. With the increase in serious illness and COVID-19, hospital beds are filling up and making it challenging for others to get the medical treatment they need.

“You have 11 years left to live, maybe 12,” said the doctor. That was my impossible problem. I had no choice but to pursue the unusual and even controversial. I chased after miracles. I challenged my understanding of reality and God to include impossible solutions.  I found the best medical care that I could and did everything the doctors ordered. But at the same time, I did not accept that statistics had the final say in my destiny.

Matchbooks in the Tunnel

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Thank you, Don

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