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Catharyn Baird JD Episode #108

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Catharyn Baird JD is the Founder/CEO of EthicsGame LLC and Professor of Business. Baird’s research resulted in the development of the Ethical Lens Inventory™

A typology that has been used by more than 550,000 people to determine their ethical preference and leadership style. In 2021, Catharyn launched the Center for Ethical Connection, an initiative of EthicsGame. The Center for Ethical Connection expands ethics from the professional to the personal, encouraging individuals to live into community through ethical choices. 

The EthicsGame products are based on Baird’s pioneering work in business ethics during her 23 years on the faculty at Regis University, Denver, Colorado. Committed to developing a web-based ethics program that was pedagogically sound and followed a developmental approach to ethics education, Catharyn developed the Baird Method™, a unique method of teaching ethics based on The Four Ethical Lenses™ and the Baird Decision Model™. The approach was published in Everyday Ethics: Making Wise Choices in a Complex World, 2nd ed. (2012) and is the foundation for an ever-expanding suite of interactive ethics simulations.

Catharyn unique approach to ethics education and vibrant communication skills have resulted in national recognition. She was featured as a TEDxMileHi presenter in June of 2015, Ideas Unbridled. Her presentation, Ethics For People on the Move, explores how we define an ethical life, and how we can leverage ethical plurality to wisely build strong cultures.

She was recognized by her professional organization, the Academy of Legal Studies in Business, with the 2012 Virginia Maurer “Best Ethics Paper” Award as well as being named the 2014 Ethics Scholar in Residence. EthicsGame’s leading edge pedagogy was featured in the January/ February 2013 BizEd.

As an engaged Episcopalian on a spiritual journey, Baird has a long history of teaching Adult Formation classes, with a particular emphasis on spiritual maturity. She also was on the Board of the Colorado Council of Churches from 2008-2020 and is currently a member of Spiritual Direction Colorado in 2020. 

She received her BA in English, MA in Humanities, and teacher’s certification from Pacific University. Catharyn attended the University of Puget Sound (now Seattle University) school of law and worked her way through law school as a substitute teacher in the Tacoma Public School District.

After passing the bar, Catharyn practiced law for ten years before joining the faculty at Regis University in 1985. From 1987-1995 she also was in-house counsel for the Colorado Secretary of State, specializing in election law and was the primary writer for the revised Colorado Election Code. Over the course of her 20-plus year tenure at Regis, she held a variety of administrative positions and was the first woman to receive the title of full professor in the Division of Business. In 2000 she was named Regis University Faculty Lecturer of the Year.

The gift for the participants is access to the Ethical Lens Inventory. To access the assessment,

  • Go to www.ethicsgame.com
  • In the upper right corner, click Register
  • On the next page, enter the class code: RMC4MD

Catharyn Baird LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/catharyn-baird-b943498/

EthicsGame LI: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ethicsgame/

EthicsGame FB: EthicsGame, LLC | Facebook

EthicsGame YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn_9ygnF-DgCOerVvZ7alDQ

You’ll also find Catharyn on the home page

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