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Caroline Cares Fernandes Episode #87

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Caroline Cares Fernandes started as a young teen, to an open way of understanding the wisdom of ancient teachings and techniques. It all starts with you.

Even as a young girl I felt called to work with people who haven’t found their voice. And initiated that by finding mine first. She’s a story teller, works with CEO’s, Leaders and people who aspire to be leaders.

Thank you for joining us today – in the middle of chao’s and confusion of what’s happening in our world.

Most leaders and entrepreneurs struggle to communicate, inspire, influence and negotiate. Carolines role is to PARTNER with you and EQUIP you and your teams with skills to THRIVE.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Courage I Sincerity I Earnestness
Caroline Cares Fernandes Storyteller I CEO Whisperer I Mentor I HostTIR Global I Vibha For Inclusion

Linkedin: carolinefernandescares

www.tirglobal.com I www.carolinefernandes.me

Instagram: carolinecarescc 

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