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Brian Schulman Episode #5

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Brian Schulman has more than 19 years of proven Digital Marketing and ECommerce experience strategizing with IR500 and Fortune500 brands across the globe.

Brian has been on the Internet since it was green screen and chat rooms, and has more than 19 years of proven Digital Marketing and ECommerce experience strategizing with IR500 and Fortune500 brands across the globe.

A Forbes Featured Entrepreneur and LinkedIn Top Voice, Brian is the Founder & CEO of Voice Your Vibe, Co Founder of WeForShe Summit, and is a founding member of a number of organizations including Genuine Hero. He serves on a number of Boards, is an Advisor and mentor to start-up founders and companies across the world, he does speaking engagements through the year, and is one of the pioneering Top LinkedIn Video Creators in the world and a pioneer of the newly launched LinkedInLIVE. Through workshops and 1-on-1 mastery coaching, Brian teaches teams within companies and individuals how to tell a story that people will fall in love with. 


“Brian Schulman is a Forbes Featured Entrepreneur, Advisor, a miracle baby that wasn’t supposed to live, and warrior who grew up with a neurological disorder called Tourettes Syndrome and had to face adversity head-on as he grew up. He’s also the Founder & CEO of Voice Your Vibe, where he empowers Intrepreneurs and organizations to harness the power of their vibes in terms of employee advocacy, diversity, and inclusion. Brian has a heart of gold and is a truly authentic powerhouse of inspiration.” 

“If you don’t know this fine man, you’re not spending enough time on LinkedIn! From Miracle Baby to Forbes Featured Entrepreneur, Brian has gone from fighting for every breath as a miracle baby, born at only 1.5 pounds, to Tourette’s syndrome as a pre-teen, to one of the most prolific and popular video creators on LinkedIn! He’s the founder and CEO of #VoiceYourVibe, and is a co-host of #LinkedInLocal San Diego! Despite all he’s been through he’s one of the most positive people you’ll ever meet and is The Godfather of LinkedIn Video. He’s an inspiration to many and a joy to talk to!” – Julian Smit, Host of the BIYF Marketing Podcast 

“An amazing man with an inspiring story of resilience and success. Wrapped in passion and humour, Brian will leave you feeling empowered to take action in your own life – that anything is possible!” – Louise H. Reid Global Radio Show 

“Regardless of all the things he’s involved in, the most important thing in Brian Schulman’s heart is to achieve his why, which is to inspire one person a day” – Dr. Diane Hamilton Global Radio Show 

Brian Schulman 
Founder & CEO 
Voice Your Vibe 

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