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Bill Lennan Episode #89

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Bill Lennan is the co-founder of the HAERT program. Always been curious about how outliers achieved their success. The HAERT program is for high school students

He has found ways to leverage his ADHD for personal and career success. Bill has always been focused on solving human as well as technical problems. Wondered why more people don’t follow the footsteps for those who are successful.

Bill Lennan is a Mental wellness fan. Ardent believer in effort. Parent, partner, persistent, physical. Co-Founder The HAERT™ Program. DBT is awesome 🙂

Over the span of his tech career, he has built products, teams, and solutions for mobile, recruiting, ecommerce, social media, and now education. He also has remodeled houses, tuned and tested exotic cars, run marathons, and raised two sons.  Bill firmly believes that familiarity with more skills is an un-tapped driver of career and life success.

He has helped companies ranging from Google and Walmart to hotels and restaurants. Building high functioning teams has been fundamental to Bill’s success. His teams repeatedly solved “impossible” problems to the delight of his executives.

His team successes are directly attributable to the skills taught in the HAERT™ Curriculum. 

Free gift: experience the first 4 modules of the HAERT program at https://haertprogram.cources/c/pilot/?utm_source=heartwork






You can also find Bill on the homepage.

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