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Catharyn Baird JD Episode #108

Catharyn Baird JD

Catharyn Baird JD is the Founder/CEO of EthicsGame LLC and Professor of Business. Baird’s research resulted in the development of the Ethical Lens Inventory™ A typology that has been used by more than 550,000 people to determine their ethical preference and leadership style. In 2021, Catharyn launched the Center for Ethical Connection, an initiative of … Read more

Yonason Goldson Episode #107

Yonason Goldson

Yonason Goldson Episode #107, director of Ethical Imperatives LLC works with leaders to create a culture of ethics that builds trust sparks initiative and drives productivity He’s a keynote and TEDx speaker, trainer, coach, and community rabbi, as well as a columnist and author, repentant hitchhiker, world traveler, and retired high school teacher in St. … Read more

Laura Staley Episode #106

laura staley

Laura Staley, Founder of Cherish your World, she passionately helps people thrive by guiding them to a holistic transformation. Uses her intuition and Feng Shui As a full-time parent and an assistant professor at Ohio Wesleyan University. She earned a Ph.D. in political science from The Ohio State University. Her joys in life include laughing … Read more

Yvette Durazo Episode #105

Yvette Durazo

Yvette Durazo MA, ACC is the principal consultant of Unitive Consulting a workplace effectiveness, strategic conflict management, and leadership development firm  She brings innovative techniques to promote a positive workplace culture into organizations to encourage trust, productive human capital engagement and inclusion. Clients benefit from her wealth of knowledge and professional experience in the art … Read more

Mark McNally Episode#104

mark McNally

Mark’s career includes impressive results as a visionary tech innovator, global business veteran, and results oriented operations executive. He has led companies from startup through successful IPO. As a senior executive successfully developed and launched visionary new products in multiple industries and managed multi-million dollar strategic alliances with numerous fortune 1000 Companies. Written by Mark … Read more

Jenny Landgren Episode #103

Jenny Landgren

Jenny Landgren is a published Leadership Author, and a Behavioral Science Expert for leaders. Works with leaders how to connect with their teams at a deeper level. Jenny coaches and counsels CEOs, managers, and employees making sure everyone understands their power of influence in any situation. Also mapping out working environments, analyzing conflicts and experiences … Read more