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Wil Carlos Episode #115

Wil Carlos

Wil Carlos specializes in drop kicking the Impostor Complex in the face, creating FUN by clearing the energy blocks so marketing that is fully YOU.

No copy cat B.S. templates, so that you can finally be YOU in your business and have fun doing it

Wil Carlos guides previously “in person only” entrepreneurs who are pivoting to online but feel like an impostor, fraud or fake when they try to get on camera, or do their own promotions and marketing. 

When you do that, you step off the #hustle path to success, and instead take the path of inner peace to building a thriving business you love.

After delivering his signature belief clearing session with over 450 people in 26 countries, Wil Carlos has honed his direct, honest and “No-fluff” approach to help his clients end self sabotage and confusion.

Described by his clients as a “Human Polygraph” Wil helps his clients see exactly where they have been subconsciously getting in their own way so that they can shift from overwork to ease and fun as they allow the recognition for the expertise they already have to flow in; safely, with joy and ease.” 

I’d like to offer my free “Align with ease” energy healing session as a gift.
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Jill Valdez Episode #114

Jill Valdez

Jill Valdez has been helping people to overcome obstacles to all that they are purposed to be with better systems, communication and improving relationships.

She has been helping people for over 18 years, when she reflects back on the lives she’s had the privilege of intersecting with, it is her desire that those lives would be better than when they first connected.

For 17 years, she was in the non-profit sector, at both a start-up and an established corporation.  In 2016, a corporate restructure caused Jill to have to figure out what she wanted to do for her new career.  She went back to school and finished her BA in Psychology, got a job as a project manager, started her MS in Industrial Organizational Psychology (which she completed in November, 2018).

As the Director of HR and realized everything she did in the non-profit world was relevant in the for-profit sector.  Drawing on her experience of working exclusively with volunteers, she saw the opportunity to use the same techniques of motivation for employees.

Jill’s passion for helping companies has led her to the launch of LINK Consulting.  Offering three main services – business consulting, executive coaching, recruiting – Jill has assisted various companies through LINK in improving company culture, teaching staff how to best communicate with each other and their clients, directing managers to effective hires, and so much more.

Jill Valdez may sound like a serious business woman, but you will quickly find she enjoys people and loves to make their day brighter.  Along with LINK, Jill’s day job has her in the role of hospice specialist – helping families and their loved one bridge to the plan of care when facing a life-limiting disease.

She is also an ordained minister and works alongside her husband in pastoring a small church just east of Portland.  Her free time is filled with reading, crocheting, hiking, and spending time with friends. 

Jill is offering a free gift link:  https://www.linkconsulting.info/e-book-landing-page

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Pam Teagarden Episode #112

pam teagarden

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Raj Subrameyer Episode #111

Raj Subrameyer

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Kimberly Layne Episode #110

kimberly layne

Kimberly Layne is passionate about helping leaders at all levels build trusted connecting relationships that bring better business results.   Research continues to show that people do business with people they connect with and trust.  Now more than ever in our remote and digital working environment, our capacity as leaders to care, relate to, motivate, and … Read more

Emmalou Penrod Episode #109

Emmalou Penrod

Emmalou Penrod feels that families are our strength committed to strengthening and supporting them. A retired schoolteacher, author and owner of Healing Your Families. Most of her career was spent as a special education teacher.  Emmalou ended her 24-year career as a teacher at a residential treatment facility for youth at risk.  Emmalou Penrod saw … Read more