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Dr Kathryn Owler Episode #134

Kathryn Owler

Dr Kathryn Owler is an academic and researcher, from my research when it comes to work, practical strategies for finding more joy and purpose at work can happen


Are you feeling unhappy, bored or frustrated at work? If so, I’ve been there too! Around 6 years ago I landed my dream job! I loved it for at least a year, when I started to get a little bored at times. Then, over the next few years (& several departmental restructures & lots of changes) I found myself literally miserable.

I was devastated to find that my dream job had turned into a nightmare and I didn’t have a clue how to make things better. Eventually I left the role, but always wondered if I could have done something differently.

As an academic and researcher by trade,  in order to make sense of the devastating experience of leaving my job, I therefore eventually channeled my despair and disappointment into academic research distilling the secrets of remarkable workers who’ve had fun at any job they’ve ever had.

I’ve learned from this research that we all have more control than we think when it comes to work happiness – including practical strategies for finding more joy and purpose at work.

My research was published in a top journal and this really got me thinking about how I could use it to assist others…Dr Kathryn Owler,  I learned from her research that we all have more control than we think when it comes to work happiness
As a result, I have recently started a coaching business to help others who are unhappy at work  – drawing on both my research and my experience. My mission (and now calling in life!) is to provide people bored, frustrated or unhappy in their work with easy-to-follow (empirically proven) steps that they can action immediately to achieve greater joy and purpose at work. Please get in touch if you’d like to chat about how I can help you.

Free Gift/s

Please go to www.happinessatworkcoach.com and download my free PDF ‘The Three Simple Steps to Enjoying Any Job!’

Alternatively, you can email me – mentioning Mari-Lyn’s podcast – to organise a free 20-min coaching call: kathryn@happinessatwork.coach

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Dada Nabhaniilananda Episode #132

Dada Nabhaniilananda

Dada Nabhaniilananda, born in New Zealand, was ordained as a monk in India in 1979 studied under the great spiritual master, a Musician Author and Teacher.

His monk name Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. He has clocked up more than 40,000 hours of meditation and performed and spoken in more than 40 countries, including in Brazil in 1992 where he appeared on stage with the Dalai Lama before 10,000 people.


Dada started playing music at the age of four. He has recorded eight albums, won five international songwriting awards, and has performed or recorded with a number of notable musicians including Paul Winter, Premik Tubbs (from Santana and John Mclaughlin bands) Harry Williamson (from Gong) & the late, great Daevid Allen (founder of Gong and Soft Machine).

Dada’s book on meditation, can be found

Close Your Eyes & Open Your Mind,

is used by meditation teachers all over the world. It is available in twelve languages and has evolved into a whole array of audio programs, workshops, and online teaching programs.

In 2015 Dada published a comic fantasy novel,

Real Dragons Don’t Cry.

As a creative writer and musician, he has always been fascinated by the creative process and how meditation can help us tap into our creative faculty.

Dada currently lives in Northern California. For four years he taught a course at UC Berkeley, titled,

Meditation – A Technology for Conscious Evolution.

These days he consults and speaks on Meditation, Creativity, and Unconscious Bias for organizations including Apple, Google, CISCO, and Facebook.

He has co-founded two companies:

1.  Bliss Timer – a meditation app.
Bliss Timer

2. PlanetaryLeadershipTraining – an online community learning platform.
Planetary Leadership Training

You can watch his popular TEDx Talk

Planetary Leadership Training
You can easily see my real-time availability and schedule time with me at https://calendly.com/themonkdude

If you enjoyed our conversation, stay tuned, as we spoke about him doing a mediation for our people. Check out my other guests.






Joey Kilrain Episode #131

Joey Kilrain

Joey Kilrain passions for design are counterbalanced by education, fine art, exercise, and even auto mechanics. These trades have strengthened my view of design

These trades have strengthened my skillsets, expanded my view of design, and proves that every industry has similar, if not identical, protocols and processes

DED, a digital experience design company creates unified experiences across enterprise apps. We’re end-to-end, leading projects from ideation through research and execution.In addition, Joey Kilrain has over a decade of experience as a leading professor, he leverages his noted skills to lead and educates his students and colleagues.

Joey leads projects from ideation with research through execution. His research informs visual decisions and his processes and protocols prove ROIs. With 15 plus years experience he has been creating enterprise design experiences for other people.

I’ve balanced my career by being technically strong and visually sound. Being hands-on, I’m aware of the tools, methodologies, and platforms that drive expectations. As a mentor, I love sharing my experience & knowledge. Thus keeping a constant state of dialogue.

I’m humble and open to feedback, keeping me in a perpetual state of learning.

My skills that pay the bills:

  • – Visual Design
  • – Research Experience
  • – Team Building
  • – Responsive Advocate
  • – Trouble Shooter

Life is made magical by those I keep company with, including my two little people, Quinn (9 y/o), Rylan (5 y/o), and the “Boss” Lisa.

The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways”  – Robert Greene.

Joey is one of those rare people you encounter in life that will make you believe anything is possible. Joey’s “can-do”, roll up your sleeves and get it done attitude are the kind of nimble, creative attitude that is a game changer for business.
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Jonathan McDonald Episode #130

Jonathan Mcdonald

Jonathan McDonald Episode #130  first learned about NLP whilst working for Yellow Pages and then unconsciously used it to be dynamic as he moved between 7 roles within the company

Following a brain injury, he had the opportunity to volunteer in a primary school and quickly realised that ‘education’ is riddled with Limiting Beliefs held by adults, which seriously impacted, in a negative way children’s ‘ability’. 

It soon became very obvious that he, as in every situation up to that point, enabled children to produce results 400-500% better work in comparison to class teachers and this was instantaneously in the moment.

 He decided to reject the entire concept of ‘ability’ and set about equipping children with NLP skills that he thought was responsible for the results he could liberate. Over 7 years he conducted more than 3000 experiments whilst volunteering his own designed coaching sessions to ‘keep the lights on’ in children.

Jonathan McDonald is the Marketing & Sales Manager – Some Talented People

Phone +442034048284








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As part of creating your own legacy – inviting you to join me in the spirit of creating your own playbook. Likely you will need two.

  1. For your personal life
  2. For your business

Every playbook has a story. What’s yours?

Creating your Impactful Legacy with a playbook.

Gregg Ward Episode #129

Gregg Ward

Gregg Ward is the Founder, of Center for Respectful Leadership, Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Executive Coach, Master Facilitator & Culture Change Consultant.

Gregg Ward is in on a mission to transform lives via experiential learning and development programs that create respectful organizational cultures.

The first to start using these innovative techniques back in the mid-1980s (Live Theater Training specifically), Gregg has developed and delivered more than 2,500 programs to help organizations move out of the command-and-control mentality and into respectful and inclusive cultures that maintain the highest standards, employee engagement, and performance.

Known by his peers, clients and colleagues for his candor and relentless pursuit of helping executives kickstart their growth strategy challenges, Gregg is especially adept at driving cultural change initiatives.

An executive coach before it was trendy, he has worked with leaders at many Fortune 100 & 500 organizations to create opportunities from obstacles.

Gregg Ward is an award-winning, best-selling author and speaker, and recently released a revised version of his book, “The Respectful Leader”-




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Catherine Mattice Zundel Episode #128

Catherine Mattice Zundel Episode #128

Catherine Mattice Zundel  is the founder of Civility Partners a strategic HR Consultant who assists organizations in building positive cultures. To prevent bullying

How do you know if your workplace culture is good or bad? Maybe you notice your employees aren’t engaged, or you’ve been struggling with high turnover. Perhaps there’s one person who creates a lot of drama around them. Any of these situations can cause you to feel like you’re at your wits’ end.
Catherine Mattice Zundel, MA,  is the founder of Civility Partners, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, is a Strategic HR Consultant who assists organizations in building positive cultures.
Catherine is a widely recognized thought-leader in HR and she is passionate about employers’ responsibility to create the opportunity and environment for employees to thrive – it shows in her sheer number of conferences and publications.
She is an award winning speaker and author, has appeared on/in NPR, CNN, USA Today, Time.com and more as an expert, has published articles in a wide variety of venues, and was a regular contributor to Forbes.com. Catherine’s award-winning first book, BACK OFF! Your Kick-Ass Guide to Ending Bullying at Work, was hailed by international leadership-guru, Ken Blanchard, as, “the most comprehensive and valuable handbook on the topic.”
Catherine Mattice Zundel, has  since written two more books and is a LinkedIn Learning course author. Listen to her Podcast show every Tuesday on LinkedIn
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