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Andrew Hood Episode #41

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Andrew Hood is the Director Of Inside Sales in Australia for the Weekly Tipping Point Awarded #39 in the Best and Most Inspiring Blogs Worldwide.

Written 2 Self Published books including Legacy Leadership. Late last year signed a publishing contract to release my first novel to the world – The Man Who Corrupted Heaven. Formally, Andrew was a 25 year IT Veteran.

Around 15 years ago I was transferred through my work to another city. It coincided with having financial problems due to a bad real estate investment that we had made at the time.

We were isolated from our Family and friends with a failing single income, a bad investment and a two year old son. I had always been a sufferer of anxiety but at that point I was deep in depression also. I didn’t want to let anyone know that things had gotten so bad because that would be like admitting I was failing at life. Things go so bad that my wife ended up calling my own father because she was scared that I might hurt / kill myself.

Around that same time I had people coming up to me at work and asking me to be their mentor because they saw me a someone who really had his act together. To put it simply I was living a lie at work and at home.   

My wife calling my father was probably the best thing that could have happened to me because of the love and support he and my mum have always shown me. I still remember him saying “You don’t understand son, hearing the words ‘dad I need help’ is one of the nicest things that I could ever hear as a father”.

Soon I had a plan with my father and my accountant to get out of the investment trouble once and for all and I was starting to see a therapist about my mental health.

 Over the next 15 years I have been working on my work Career (Now a Director Of Sales for a multinational IT Company), I started a blog which was awarded no.39 in the Best and Most Inspiring Blogs Worldwide, Written 2 self published books and late last year signed a publishing contract to release my first novel to the world –

The Man Who Corrupted Heaven which is about a rich man who dies and watches his life flash before his eyes. It deals with self reflection and issues such as child sexual abuse. It is already getting fantastic reviews.

My Social Media Links Facebook – @andrewhoodauthorTwitter – @andrewhoodtwtp Instagram – andrew_hoodtwtp
Special Offer eBook, Legacy Leadership Link Free from April 13 – 17th, 2020

You’ll find Andrew Hood on the home page

My Social Media Links Facebook – @andrewhoodauthor Twitter – @andrewhoodtwtp Instagram – andrew_hoodtwtp

Special Offer eBook – Legacy Leadership Link to free eBook –  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0798QN4Z1

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