Andres Nunez Episode #48

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Andres Nunez comes from a diverse background being born and raised in Peru now living in the U.S. As an only child, he become a social active person.

He uses his ability to make connections as a pillar to his career and life.

He has over 6 years of experience in business development, sales, program management and customer service for a with companies affiliated with Apple, HughesNet, Sprint, and the Idaho National Laboratory.

When he’s not occupied with work and being a family man, he likes to spend it flying his drone for fun, hiking, exploring new places and cultures, reading, being a dog dad and whatever else his ADHD mind sets him to do.

Currently he’s a senior business developer for a national satellite distributor and Co-Founder/President of Keen iMarketing a growth marketing agency.

You can follow him on the following social media channels. He guarantees to follow back if you mention that you heard him on this podcast.

Social Media Links

Instagram:@dre181 Andres Nunez

LinkedIn: Andres Nunez
Twitter: @nunez_dre DaKing

You can also find a listing of Andres

  1. […] Andres Nunez talked a lot about it, because as an employee he found his bosses didn’t understand some of his behavior, since he was a quiet person he didn’t speak up and he couldn’t understand why this boss would be breathing down his neck. It comes back to communicating with each person on your team, getting to know all people in your organization and have more flexibility in how everyone can work together. Watch him on the Creating an Impactful legacy […]

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