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Creates an Impactful Legacy

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Creating an impactful legacy is really about providing a platform to empower those who are positively impacting the lives of others in their business community!

Creating an Impactful Legacy – is defined as…

“Create impressive, meaningful, powerful experiences, leaving a legacy of kindness that makes a difference in relationships, building communities and inspiring the human spirit.”

This Podcast series hosts leaders and Socially Conscious Entrepreneurs who share their experiences in the space of creating a happier life and work-place wellness for others in their community.


  • Building Healthy Work Environments
  • Improving Productivity
  • Leading with Kindness
  • Positive Communications
  • Working with Teams and Developing Them
  • Social Impact Relating to Business
  • Workplace Culture
  • Well-Being

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Don Mulford Episode #124

Don Mulford is a Stanford graduate, California attorney, ordained minister, cancer survivor, hospice chaplain, and published author. https://youtu.be/xxlvA8IGoN0 He speaks about finding meaning during his

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