How to create an impactful legacy, has dropped the “how to,” it’s really about celebrating those who are creating an impactful legacy and promoting them.

How to create an Impactful Legacy – is defined “To create an impressive, meaningful, powerful experiences, leaving legacy of kindness that makes a difference for relationships, building communities and inspiring the human spirit.”

The intention is to inspire CEO’s, Business Owners, Founders and Executive Leaders to shift up, upgrade to the newer model by supporting their business growth through their wowrkers and the vision, purpose or movement.

The Podcast a series hosts people, leaders and Socially Conscious Entrepreneurs together who will share their experiences in the space of creating a happier life and workplace culture.


  • Improving Productivity
  • Leading with kindness
  • Communications
  • Working with teams and developing them
  • Social impact relating to the business
  • Workplace culture
  • Wellbeing – health

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Overall we all want to be productive, happier people wherever we are, since we spend most of our time at work why not make it a happier place to be. It doesn’t take much to create this, just start doing a couple of things differently.

When I produced the Kindness Conferences, one of the business owners started offering different service providers to benefit the staff, took the time to listen to his staff and what they wanted.

The staff noticed later came to me to tell me, “We don’t know what you are doing, at the Kindness Conference, our boss has changed.” (they loved it)

What he told me later that “He found there was less resistance amongst the staff. It was like they got permission to cooperate with each other.” The staff were trusting each other and communicating better.

You can now listen to the Podcast on iTunes and we are on Anchor too!

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